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AMF panels(automatic switchover when power fails)


200 to 1000 litres Diesel tanks


City Generators supplies generators ranging from 10kva-2000kva


Base load Panles(manual switchover when power fails)


We specialize in diesel generator rentals and sales.


Heavy duty, single or double axle trailers (optional)

Rental Options

The company offers diesel generators for hire, granting you the luxury of using a continuous power supply. Start a mobile generator in areas that don’t have power lines or have a unit on standby and enjoy light and heat during power outages. All these perks and privileges are offered to all clients at really competitive prices, so call us today for a quote and we will offer you the generator which is best suited to your needs, inclusive or exclusive of maintenance services.


City Generators manufactures a wide range of generators – from 10KVA to 2000 KVA; with key start and automatic mains failure (AMF) panels. Plus there are a range of optional extras. Contact Us and we’ll help you with the right generator for all of your requirements.

We encourage every business to purchase a suitable generator as it will definitely curb downtime, increase productivity and ensure returns on your investment. Invest in a commercial generator and continue with business as usual even when the entire country is experiencing power outrages.

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